You can help Hope Renewed carryout our motto to SERVE, EQUIP and EMPOWER specific individuals by becoming a part of our sponsorship program.  Whether it's someone you met while traveling with us on a mission trip or just looking for someone to support, we can help you get connected.  Read through the profiles below to learn more about each individual.  You can click the "Sponsor Now" button to start your sponsorship or reach out to us if you have specific questions.  

Adam Gutierrez

Adam Gutiérrez is 35 years old and is currently in high school studying computer science and electrical training. Upon graduation he hopes to continue his ...

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Alex Lopez

Alex López is 34 years old and is currently studying legal and social sciences to become a lawyer and a notary. In the future he hopes to use his education...

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Alma Barrera

Alma Barrera is 30 years old and is enrolled in a certification program that involves caring for patients with renal conditions. She would like to continue to stu...

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Anderson Velasquez

Anderson Velásquez is enrolled in 4th grade and is 9 years old.  When he...

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Angel Palencia

Angel Palencia is enrolled in pre-school and is 6 years old; he dreams of becoming an architect.


Angely Sacba Palencia

Angely Sacba Palencia is enrolled in the 1st grade and is 6 years old. Her dream is ...


Arelis Cano Poroj

Arelis Cano Poroj is 15 years old and currently enrolled in 9th grade. After she gra...

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Arnoldo Camey Parada

Arnoldo Camey Parada is 27 years old and is studying English.  His goal is to continue learning and building proficiency so he can become a teacher.

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Axel Soc Carillo

Axel Soc Carrillo is 18 years old and is in the 9th grade. His dream is to become an...

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Berner Contreras

Berner Contreras is 14 years old and enrolled in middle school. He wants to go to university one day to become a young professional.


Brandon Palencia

Brandon Palencia is 10 years old and is enrolled in the 4th grade. His dream is to b...


Brandon Priego

Brandon Priego is 7 years old and is currently enrolled in 1st grade. His dream is t...

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